Sen. Hillary Clinton got her backside whipped by Sen. Barack Obama in the Wyoming Democratic caucuses today, taking only 41% of the votes to Obama’s 58%.

Larry W. Smith/European Pressphoto Agency shot stolen from N.Y. Times website

This doesn’t really count, of course, because it wasn’t a people’s primary in which lunchbucket types could have just hopped into their gas guzzlers and driven down to the polling place to vote for the woman who’s tough, has a lifetime of experience to draw upon, knows how to answer that phone at 3 am and can be fully trusted to carry the torch for traditional Reagan Democrat values.
The Wyoming caucuses favor the educated priveleged elite who support Obama and know how to organize so forget it. They don’t matter, nobody cares, not that many delegates were involved, and everyone expected it. Go, monster!
Update: A Clinton aide has been quoted by the Times Online as putting down Obama’s victories “in ’boutique’ caucus states rather than the hardscrabble terrain of the rustbelt, saying, ‘Obama has won the small caucus states with the latte-sipping crowd. They don’t need a president, they need a feeling.'”