Last night the Daily Mail‘s Paul Farrell and Stephen M. LePore posted a story about the Club Q shooter, a massively overweight, non-binary wackazoid named Anderson Lee Aldrich.

The 22 year old murderer of five patrons at Club Q last Saturday night is the son of Aaron Brink, a former MMA fighter and porn star who has sexually performed under the name of “Dick Delaware”, and Laura Voepel.

And you’re reading about this nightmare and going “good God!!” It’s a story about epic-scale derangement and dysfunction and unbridled rage on the part of ALA, and it just makes you feel sick to read it. There’s some sort of lunatic virus streaming through a white-trash subset of the American middle class right now, and the overwhelming impression is that these people are degraded and diseased and unable to focus their energies in any kind of healthy (or at least non-destructive) direction.

Aldrich, whose birth name was Nicholas Franklin Brink until he changed it in 2016, got into some kind of guns-at-the-ready trouble with the local fuzz in ’21, and you’d think with his history that someone in authority would take his weapons away as a cautionary move while examining his situation.