The best quote in Doreen Carvajal and Michael Cieply‘s 9.30 N.Y. Times story about the Roman Polanski furor is one from Marie-Louise Fort, a French lawmaker in the Assembly who has sponsored anti-incest legislation. Fort told Carvajal that she doesn’t believe that public opinion “is spontaneously supporting Mr. Polanski at all…I believe that there is a distinction between the mediagenic class of artists and ordinary citizens that have a vision that is more simple.”

Exactly — “simple” as in bad or good, black or white, torches and pitchforks. Don’t muck things up with amoral qualifications or compassionate perspective or legalistic what-have-you’s. And let’s really keep the feelings and wishes of the now-45-year-old victim out of this. Because this is our deal! This man is a demonic, drug-dispensing, due-process-defying dwarf who must suffer for his sins, and preferably in a medieval cell with straw on the floor and a ball and chain around his ankle.