“It’s a Darwinian grind, and there is a huge dose of attrition killing the most normal of [Hollywood’s female producers and production executvies], as a superhuman kind of desire is necessary to deal with the hours, the lying, the incredible and increasing difficulty of putting a movie together.
“[Not to mention] the apparently singularly difficult proposition of having both a life (and even sex) along with a big career. So the frequent bonding conversation among some of the best of the singles is that in the ‘glamour capital of the world,’ they’re getting the short end of the stick.” — from a beautifully written Lynda Obst piece in New York, concerning the decline of female producing power in this town.
The hours and the short end of the stick! Sorry, but that’s the story of my life too. The story of a lot of lives. We all lead better lives that we’re willing to admit to. We just resent them not being a piece of cake. If they were we’d all be dead bored.