The heavier the minus/negative rating, the more likely the winner. The higher the plus/positive rating, the lesser the chances. I hate betting, Las Vegas, odds (“Never tell me them!”), poker and poker faces, Atlantic City and Native American casinos (especially the one in Morongo). I hate any horse or dog track. I used to love the sound of silver dollars clattering into the tray when you got lucky with dollar slots, and now that’s gone. I hate roulette, Jai Alai, passing the shoe, fucking blackjack. I hate cold cards, Glitter Gulch, Texas Hold’ Em, anything “according to Hoyle.” I hate Reno and Monte Carlo, pit bosses, Gardena card clubs and those jerkwater slot machines in McCarran Airport. The only thing I like about any aspect of this entire sickening realm is Robert Altman‘s California Split (’74) and Ed Norton‘s performance in John Dahl‘s Rounders (’98).