A 10.5 Columbus Dispatch poll of 2262 likely Ohio voters favors Obama over McCain by 49-42. The poll covers 9.24 to 10.2, doesn’t reflect the Biden-Palin debate effect, and has a two-point margin of error. And the N.Y. Times is calling Ohio a toss-up state? I’d at least call it a “leaning Obama” light blue state…no?
“Falling far behind in Ohio is a nightmare scenario for McCain,” the New Republic‘s Michael Crowley wrote today. “He almost surely can’t win without it. And remember, absentee early voting has already started there. Obama’s support among African-Americans in Ohio: 94-2.
Update: I had thought this was Obama’s best showing in Ohio, but I forgot that (a) Quinnipiac showed him +8 here last week and (b) the Real Clear Politics spread is Obama +3.”