What’s with the “aaahh, crap…what is all this?” look on Bruce Dern‘s face? Older guys often wear this cranky expression. Fucking crap, getting older and older, my pants are too lose around my waist, eff me, I need a snort. My late father, who stopped drinking in his 50s, used to walk around with this pissed-off, crabby-ass attitude….”aaaahhhh!” He basically hated what age was doing to him.

This is a still, of course, from Alexander Payne‘s Nebraska. It was released yesterday with a USA Today story about the film, which will have its big debut at the Cannes Film Festival.

“I had been sitting on this Nebraska script even when I did Sideways,” Payne tells Bryan Alexander. “But I didn’t want to go back to a road-trip movie right after that. I was really tired of shooting people in cars. I’m serious. It’s a drag. But after Descendants, I came back to this story.”

Nebraska is about Woody and son David Grant (Dern, Will Forte) and debts and a possible winning pot from Publisher’s Clearing House. Has anyone ever won anything from Publisher’s Clearing House? Ever? PCH was used for a joke in a Fletch movie, as I recall.

Payne tells Alexander that he shot Nebraska in black and white because it’s “cool…[it] just felt like the right thing to do.” That’s fine, Mr. Payne, but did you check with Vinny Bruzzese before committing to monochrome?