AFI Fest guest programmer Agnes Varda has chosen to screen Martin Scorsese‘s After Hours on 11.13. I can’t attend this 11 pm screening, but a high-def version is rentable on Vudu. The clip below triggered three thoughts. One, the simple observational minutiae in this scene (the 1985 green-font computers, the suits, the haircuts, the sense of ennui and distraction) shows how good Scorsese is at just noticing stuff. Two, it’s precisely this kind of stuff that gets dumped when you’re told to trim the length of a film, which is why it may not turn in up in Wolf of Wall Street. And three, Griffin Dunne‘s supporting performance as a Mexico-based cancer healer in Dallas Buyer’s Club is the best thing he’s done since After Hours — 28 years of waiting for the next good role.