Once a respected big-time actor has been well imitated, a certain mystique falls away. They shift into meta mode. Their screen manner or personality becomes a reflection of the imitators and vice versa and into infinity — a hall of mirrors. One of the first actors to experience this was James Cagney with every other nightclub comedian doing him in the ’50s and ’60s. (“Cagney” went full meta in One, Two, Three when (a) Red Buttons did him and (b) he parodied his own Public Enemy grapefruit scene.) When Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan did Michael Caine in The Trip, something snapped — I’ve never been able to believe in Caine’s older-guy performances since (particularly his Batman appearances). This guy’s Matthew McConaughey drawl isn’t perfect but it’s pretty good. And with this, the Real McCoy’s Dallas Buyer’s Club performance has been simultaneously mythologized and taken down a notch.