Most of my life I’ve been somewhat interested in seeing Robert Frank‘s Cocksucker Blues (’72), a 93-minute doc about the Rolling StonesExile on Main Street tour in ’72. But it’s never been a burning obsession and I’ve never quite gotten around to it. This morning, however, I discovered that it’s on YouTube, and in what looks like fairly good quality.

My first aesthetic reaction? Franks’ camerawork is sloppy, scattershot and raggedy-assed. I hate it when photographers are always going for the jumpy-antsy closeup and seem indifferent to even trying to deliver formal, Eisenstein-like framings.

This, in any event, is a note of gratitude to Bill Wyman, whose 4.19 Slate article about unlimited access to music (“Lester Bangs’ Basement”), for tipping me off.