Seth McFarlane at 3:12, responding to Bill Maher‘s observation about how all the Democrats were trying to out-elbow and out-jawbone each other: “I warmed up to Kamala [Harris] hugely last night…I thought she was fantastic. But the one candidate who seemed immune to [the competitive shouting] was [Pete] Buttigieg. If the audience was there or not, you would have gotten the same performance [from him].”

Maher: “Yes, I think that’s true. We both had that same feeling. Pete could be the guy. And again, this is so interesting about age. You can be old and dumb. He was the youngest one on the stage and I thought he looked the most mature. He looked the most real. He looked like he didn’t have to [struggle to] think…he’s like the smartest kid in the class. And we’re not just saying that because we’re gay.”