Ken Russsell‘s Women in Love (’69), indisputably his greatest film, can only be seen via a MGM Home Video DVD issued in 2003 and via occasional showings on TCM. There’s no Bluray, and no high-def streaming via Vudu, Netflix or Hulu Plus. There should be. The cinematography by Billy Williams (Gandhi, On Golden Pond) demands a meticulous high-def remastering. Women in Love is one of the most sensual films ever made about men, woman and relationships (and I’m not just talking about nude wrestling scene between Oliver Reed and Alan Bates), and one of the most anguished in portraying the sadnesses and frustrations that plague so many relationships and marriages. It’s also one of the first mainstream films to really explore and dramatize the lives and longings of free-spirited, semi-emancipated 20th Century women (i.e., Glenda Jackson‘s Isadora Duncan-like Gudrun and Jennie Linden‘s somewhat more conservative Ursula) in a historical context.