Gold Derby‘s Tom O’Neil: “I ran into Anne Thompson and Sasha Stone the other day, and as I walked up to them they were were talking about Lincoln and saying the Best Picture race is already over…it’s won…and I said…oh, come on!” Me: “Aggh! Completely off the beam. Do you think they really believe that or…?” O’Neil: “No, they really meant it.” Here’s the key portion and here’s the whole conversation.

Me: “People don’t really feel turned on by this thing, I’m tellin’ ya. I trust my instincts, I trust the invisible insect antennae coming out of the back of my head and I’m not talking about ‘feel-good’ but something that turns you on and really gets you going, and that’s not happening with Lincoln…not really, not chemically.”

Before all the poison-enzyme, Alien acid-blood assholes start complaining about my bringing up Lincoln again, it was O’Neil who raised it, not I. He was being persistent and I just responded to his questions, and then I decided during editing that I kinda liked how this this part of the conversation turned out so I’ve highlighted it…big deal. Nick Filliponi is banned, but I hope he’s reading this, the dick.

This is Oscar Poker #102, incidentally.