Most of the screeners I’ve received since…I don’t know, mid October? I couldn’t find Bernie but that was the first one. Oh, wait, I just found it. But the photo’s been snapped, resized and uploaded.

Los Angeles used to be a half-skanky town with empty grassy lots and older cars and dumps like the Alta Cienega creating little visual gravy stains. Now the older cars are gone (I can’t remember the last time I saw a beater) and I haven’t seen an empty grassy lot since the late ’80s, but the Alta Cienega lives on! It’s not a complete dump (I stayed there one night after locking myself out of my place) but it’s managed to retain that old fleabag aroma. It has a special Jim Morrison room in honor of a single night in which Morrison and two girlfriends spent the night there.

More than any single image I’ve run across lately (i.e., within the last four or five years), the expression in this photo sums up my basic attitude and world view. Or at the very least, my attitude toward David Poland when I run into him at parties.