The Envelope‘s Tom O’Neil has complained that last night’s Oscar winners were the darkest and creepiest ever. “Six [Oscars] went to pix about a wacko serial killer (No Country) or a psycho oil baron with murder on his mind (There Will Be Blood). Together they won picture, director, adapted screenplay, actor and supporting actor.
“The other two categories went to, well, somewhat lighter fare: a film about a drug-addicted chanteuse (La Vie en Rose) and a pregnant teen with a bad ‘tude (Juno).”
O’Neil was also on the Bill O’Reilly Radio Factor discussion during an Oscars segment that asked “what do the Academy Awards’ winners and losers tell us about our culture?” A reader wrote during the broadcast that O’Neil was “foaming at the mouth playing up the Heartland vs. Hollywood routine…going after the Academy for picking ‘avant-garde’ choices to antagonize all the soccer moms and farmers in the fly-over states…trashing ‘leftist’ Jon Stewart, trashing Obama and celebrities who act political…[claiming] he mourns for the days of Bob Hope.”
O’Neil says that O’Reillly started the conversation and “all I was doing was bolstering his points.”
He added that he thinks that Stewart “is the worst host ever…the Neilsen ratings were the absolute lowest in history….they should have someone in the family host it…Jim Carrey, George Clooney…not some New York comic like Stewart or David Letterman or Chris Rock.”