Yoko Ono may (I say “may”) have succeeded in “yanking” a 90-minute John Lennon documentary called John Lennon: Working-Class Hero, despite the producers having landed numerous TV and DVD deals going back to late ’05.

Narrated by Gary Oldman, the doc is said to include “never-before-seen home movies” provided by Ono, plus a reported interview with Lennon’s first wife Cynthia, who “allegedly complains on-camera that drugs and Ono were responsible for the break-up of their marriage,” according to the notoriously sloppy British news service WENN, which never provides news links.

The report says Ono also was interviewed for the feature, providing what the producers described as “her most revealing interview to date.” It says that “an unnamed source” has told the London Sun, “The film had been several months in the making but at the last minute Yoko withdrew support.” Doc was produced by Double Jab Productions, which declined to comment on the Sun‘s report and shut down its website. (This part is definitely true — the site isn’t up and running as we speak.)

If the WENN report is true (I’ve called a couple of guys who ought to know but didn’t pick up), it would seem to be in keeping with Ono’s behavior regarding previous John Lennon docs and tributes, which is to make sure her late husband is portrayed only in glowing, bordering-on-angelic terms.

As I wrote in my review of John Scheinfeld and David Leaf”s heavly Ono-cized The U.S. vs. John Lennon….

“The Lennon portrayed in this film is indeed scrubbed clean and phony as a three-dollar bill, and there’s no doubt in my mind that Leaf decided on this portrait — Lennon as a kind-of St. Francis of the anti-war movement, a guy who did nothing but good things and spoke only of love and peace and stopping the killing — under the influence of his and Scheinfeld’s alliance with Lennon’s widow.

“I call it the ‘Curse of Ono‘ — the more control she seems to have over any portrait of the late ex-Beatle, the more sugar-coated it turns out.

“Like anyone else, Lennon was a mixed bag — part genius, part beautiful guy, part angry guy, part saint, part asshole, part man-of-courage, part prima donna, part gifted troubadour, part abusive drunk (during his 1974 “lost weekend” phase), part mystical seeker. But you only get the positive stuff from Leaf-Scheinfeld-Ono. And after an hour or so of the vigilant, heroic, positive-minded Lennon, you want to barf.”