I am a true lover and dedicated fan of Italian and French cuisine.

I tasted my first French dish in 1998, during my first and most unforgettable visit to Paris. I’ve been back since then, but I distinctly remember the first-time aroma of magical Paris streets. This most beautiful city in the world smelled so wonderful and romantic. Quiche, ratatouille, rooster in wine, snails, foie gras, truffles, cheeses. Quel délicieux repas!

I tried Italian cuisine later. and fell in love desperately, irrevocably and forever. Ravioli, Lasagna, tortellini, fritata, risotto, tortelloni. Che pasti deliziosi!

Italian and French cuisine is the most exquisite and balanced for me. In all respects.

I don’t know how to cook and frankly don’t enjoy it. But I admire men who know how, and who love the business of cooking and serving.

In the below photo is a pasta dish I prepared in a Roman apartment (via di Monserrato, 154). It was a rare case when the cooking spirit was suddenly upon me on Italian ground. I bought some handmade pasta in Venice but didn’t prepare it until we moved into our Rome abode.

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Pesto Tatiana, prepared and served in Rome in May 2017.

Paris — May 2019.