I’ve just stumbled upon this photo. It shocked me because of a mediocre script I wrote around ’86 called Space Elvis. Boilerplate: “Elvis was kidnapped by aliens in August 1977 just before he died, and flown back to the aliens’ home planet. He was restored, cleaned up, de-drugged, probed, kept in a large home (facsimile of Graceland) for 32 years, and then returned to earth as the same 42 year-old he was before only much thinner and full of vim and vigor and ready to rock out. Except nobody believes he’s the real Elvis (naturally) so the only gig he can get is performing as an Elvis impersonator.” I never could figure out a good story after EP is returned to earth and is soon after stuck performing at a third-rate Las Vegas lounge for nickles and dimes. I posted this summary was on 10.30.08.