HE: “One wonders if the all-white** Oppenheimer (Universal, 7,21) will be excluded according to the Oscars’ about-to-take-effect diversity/inclusion rules. They’ll probably be okay given the last two rules, but they definitely don’t pass the first set of rules with that mostly all-Anglo cast.”

Friendo: “I’m sure Oppenheimer will slip through because nothing won’t pass from a major studio.”

HE: “Major studio releases can sidestep the diversity/representation standards because of their sizable economic footprint?”

** As we all know, the term “all-white” generally refers to a seeming absence of African Americans, at least in a visually prominent sense. Technically speaking Oppenheimer‘s cast includes Skyler Pierce and a trio of Middle-Eastern cast members — the Oscar-winning Rami Malek (son of Egyptian parents), Aamir Yusuf and Yaser Al-Nyrabeah.