Two HE Oscar Contest contenders, Matt Mullowney and Rob Eddy, chose 23 out of 24 winners correctly. One slightly odd thing — both entries came after Saturday’s midnight deadline but they did come in before the ceremony. Nine people tied with 22 correct picks, which is pretty good in itself. The worst entry came from Brandon St. Randy, who got only six picks correct. (He was a Wolf of Wall Street loyalist and it cost him.) Here’s the final tally via Google spreadsheet. The most-missed pick was Mr. Hublot for Best Animated Short (only 21% of entries picked it correctly). Best Live Action Short was the second most-missed pick (picked correctly by 40% of entrants). Among the Big Eight awards, Original Screenplay was the most-missed pick (55% of entries chose correctly). Mullowney and Eddy need to get in touch and tell me if they want the lunch (if they live in Los Angeles) or just the money.