Last night Scott Feinberg didn’t agree with Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone and yours truly that it’s better to live in a state of denial about The King’s Speech cleaning up on 2.27 than to accept it, and to cling to a slender reed of a pathetic pipsqueak hope that The Social Network has any chance in hell. We all realize with a heavy sigh what’s happening out there, but Feinberg’s response is more adult-minded than mine or Sasha’s.

After I while I said, “Can we stop obsessing about this Oscar race stuff — it’s over, people are sick of it — and talk about something else here and there?” — but Sasha swatted me down. We did, however, talk about (a) Cannes accomodations and (b) the likely winners of the upcoming Spirit Awards. The iTunes link is above; here’s a non-iTunes link.