Early yesterday afternoon Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone and I recorded Oscar Poker #8 with guest Scott Feinberg, owner/editor of www.scottfeinberg.com, and Boxoffice.com‘s Phil Contrino. Here’s a straight link sans iTunes.

And we just, like, covered everything. Topics included (a) the undeniably powerful but extremely tedious and tiring Harry Potter franchise, (b) the sudden arrival of The Fighter and how exciting it feels to have a new live-wire, blue-collar contender in the race that just wipes the floor with The Town in terms of Massachusetts authenticity,(c) the unfortunate or unfair political standard that “artists with issues” are frequently judged by, (d) the Annette Bening and Michael Douglas questions, and (e) how sex — “the shiny thing” — tends to insert itself into Best Actress campaigns, and (f) the sexuality in I Am Love (particularly my feeling that the guy Tilda Swinton has the hot affair with isn’t tall or broad-shouldered enough for her, and is too bushy-bearded) and Blue Valentine.

Just give it a listen. It lasts for a good hour-plus, but what is length?