Late this morning’s Phil Contrino joined Sasha Stone and myself for a pretty good discussion about several things, and not just the stalling of Everest, the death of The Walk and the non-interest in Pan. The initial reception this weekend to Steve Jobs and what might happen when it goes wider. The curious but undeniable popularity of The Martian — #1 for two weeks in a row. Sasha brought up the astounding popularity of Jurassic World — a bad movie in so many ways I don’t want to think about it. The re-starting of the Love & Mercy bandwagon was also mentioned. And then Sasha and I brought things home with (a) a discussion of the recent Joy research screening, (b) guesswork about the reception to four 10.16 openers — Room, Truth, Bridge of Spies and Beasts of No Nation, and (c) three or four other topics that you’ll probably appreciate more if you don’t ponder them in advance. Again, the mp3.