The Envelope‘s Tom O’Neil is announcing that Peter O’Toole landed yesterday in New York City. On U.S. soil! And hitting Los Angeles sometime later this week! “You can imagine how nervous his Oscar campaigners have been about getting him stateside for the Globes ceremony and his Oscar campaign,” O’Neil writes. “But he made it — to cyberscreams of joy. Yesterday I got a Blackberry message from one of his campaign chiefs, exclaiming, ‘He’s on the plane!'”
O’Toole “landed in New York yesterday for an appearance on ‘The David Letterman Show’ tonight. Today he’s also shooting a photo session for Vanity Fair‘s Oscar issue and is taping an interview with ‘The View’ that will air on Friday. While in town he’s also doing interviews with Charlie Rose, Today, Nightline and with Jon Stewart for The Daily Show. Plus print interviews with the likes of USA Today and radio chats with All Things Considered on NPR.
“Then he heads west to attend the Golden Globes. How long will he remain in Hollywood? Nobody knows, probably not evenly charmingly cranky O’Toole himself.”