It was announced yesterday that the Texas GOP party, allegedly offended by that racist campaign button about Barack Obama that was sold at a state convention last weekend and by’s Jonathan Alcox, would donate the $1500 fee he paid to the convention to Midwestern flood victims. The followup, also reported yesterday by the AP, was a statement by Alcox that he was trying to be “funny,” having gotten the idea for the button on a political cartoon.
People who are either not very bright or in denial always say this when they reveal a dark agenda with a dark joke — “It didn’t mean anything because I was kidding…it was just a joke.” If it didn’t mean anything it wouldn’t be funny, or at least get people’s attention. Humor is always rooted in some awkward or embarassing or painful reality. It’s about reliving or revisiting these states of mind in order to lessen their residue.
Alcox told the AP’s April Castro that he had made 12 buttons “and sold four, two of them to reporters.” It was further reported that the Texas state GOP will “bar” Alcox from booth space at future events. “They’re my biggest event,” Alcox said. “It’s pretty much put me out of business.”