Hollywood Elsewhere’s Tyrannosaur screening fund-raising campaign was kind of exciting while it lasted and I’m glad I did it, but you know what? Not that many people showed up. I was able to pay for three extra screenings on top of what Strand had booked so the people who needed to see this film would have a few more options, and at the end of the day the silence was almost deafening.

The Aidikoff screening on 10.27 lured about nine or ten journalists, the 10.31 showing at the Ocean Ave. Screening Room attracted three or four, and the third & final screening at the Sunset Screening Room on 11.2 played to five or six people. Several top-drawer Los Angeles journalists that I expected to see attend didn’t attend. So either they saw it at Sundance 2011 or LAFF 2011 last June, or they plan to see it at the 10 am screening at the Royal on 11.8, or they’ve figured some other way to catch it. It just feels like not that many people give a shit. I figured the “Olivia Colman as a deserving Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress” factor would attract a few more rsvps. But no.

If people have something better to do, you can’t stop ’em.