Hollywood Reporter film critic Kirk Honeycutt, who’s been with the trade for a very long time, has been cut loose. Tough break. Can’t feel good. Honeycutt had been THR‘s first-string critic for…I can’t find a decent online bio but at least since the early Bill Clinton era, no? He was demoted to “international critic” status when THR honcho Janice Min hired former Variety critic Todd McCarthy a little more than a year ago.

Here’s hoping that Honeycutt, a knowledgable critic and a good writer, lands a suitable new gig in short order.

No Kirk Honeycutt recap will ever be complete without a mention of the Courtney Love Sundance incident (“What am I, a piece of shit?”). Love hit the roof when Honeycutt’s wife took a photo without asking, which prompted the actress-singer to snatch the camera. A People reporter wrote that Honeycutt “is said to have then grabbed the camera back from Love, prompting Love’s boyfriend, music exec Jim Barber, to jump the critic, who reportedly referred to Love as a ‘pig‘ (preceded by a very descriptive adjective),” etc.