Posts about Moses Farrow’s self-published essay (“A Son Speaks Out“), which casts serious shade upon Mia Farrow as well as Dylan Farrow‘s accusation of molestation against Woody Allen, began appearing roughly six hours ago, or around noon Pacific. I just want everyone to recognize that Movie City News, which is always fairly Johnny-on-the-spot when a story breaks, hasn’t posted a link to Moses’ essay over the last six-plus hours. No tweet link, no comment…zip. Just saying.

5.24, 8:10 am: MCN finally posts a link — “A Son Speaks,” Writes Moses Farrow. If there’s bounce or intrigue of any kind in a story, MCN will typically post an excerpt. Not this time. They’ve posted the absolute bare minimum, sans comment. HE guess: They don’t want to be seen as burying their heads in the sand, but also fear being perceived as “we believe Dylan” contrarians.