As I was driving down Olympic Boulevard late yesterday morning, I began to (a) feel envious of all the people who were up to their usual Saturday activities, wearing their workout duds and sipping lattes and strolling in the sunshine and preparing to go hiking or…whatever, roaming the aisles of Home Depot in search of the right floor tiles and (b) I began to resent my daily Hollywood Elsewhere burden (five or six stories). Every few months I just can’t man up and bang it out, and yesterday was one of them. (I take off about two days per year.) Plus I was suddenly seized by the idea of doing a spring cleaning and throwing out piles and piles of crap. So I took a long afternoon break and did that. And then I took a nice bike ride and ate a kale salad and went to a 7:30 pm Noah screening at Paramount Studios. And then I ended the day at Lucy’s El Adobe Cafe, the simple interior of which hasn’t changed since the 1960s. The waiters are just as cool also. The only thing that’s changed is the clientele, which is bit more slovenly and downmarket today (but that’s true of everything and everywhere).