“Page Six” is claiming that George Clooney was the bad guy smoothie in Teri Hatcher‘s life a couple of months ago. A non-attributed source has fingered Clooney as a guy described as “a world-class Don Juan” and a “Mystery Man” in Leslie Bennett‘s just-out Vanity Fair interview piece with Hatcher. This guy, Bennett says, seduced and abandoned Hatcher last January, and made her feel so badly she got in touch with feelings about her uncle having abused her as a young woman, etc. I just bought the issue today, and Bennetts reports that the seducing and abandoning of Hatcher by “Mystery Man” left her so torn up that she could no longer keep from talking about her evil uncle. Clooney’s rep Stan Rosenfield told “Page Six” that “I doubt very seriously that your source is credible…I doubt Teri Hatcher is your source, and unless she is, you’re full of shit.”
Bennetts writes in the piece, “After an elaborate courtship, Hatcher opened her heart to a handsome guy who convinced her that she was entering a magical new relationship, only to have him disappear as soon as she’d let down her guard. He charmed, he conquered, he said, ‘I’ll call you,’ and — poof — he was gone.” I guess I’m mentioning this because of Jon Stewart‘s joke last Sunday that “good night, and good luck” was Clooney’s real-life closing line to women he goes out with. It was funny then, but now…? On the other hand, reader Stacey Singfleton has asked three questions: “One, does George Clooney really have to ‘seduce’ anybody? Two, who in the free world doesn’t know that Clooney has stated repeatedly for the past ten years (without any obvious hostility or rancor, mind you) that he has no intention of getting married or having kids? And three, if you’re a single mother looking for a relationship, as opposed to nice dinners and booty calls (not that there’s anything wrong with those), would you date George Clooney?”