All over Paris each morning, the streets (many of them, but not each and every one) are given a water-soaking, with gallons upon gallons of the stuff spewing into gutters, which strikes me as kind of wasteful — Friday, 6.2.06, 8:20 am.

(a) Video-store ad for recently-released DVD of Tommy Lee Jones’ Trois Enterrements — Thursday, 6.1.06, 8:55 pm; (b) A nice little place on rue Risseau called le Cave; (c)…and some of the patrons who happened to be there when I walked inside — Thursday, 6.1.06, 9:25 pm; (d) There’s a tiny little cavity area in a tuna fish where all the basic organs lie, and then there’s this big, super-chunky tuna-meat body around it…until today I never bent down to actually look inside one;(e) The nutritional benefit of fish heads are what exactly?…are you supposed to grind them up and feed them to your cat?; (f) opposite the stairway leading down to the Jules Joffrin metro in the northern section of the 18th.