The question is, what is Brad Pitt made of? — Friday, 6.2.06, 1:15 pm.

(a) Paris plex onBoulevard des Capucines des Italiens, right around the corner from the old Paris Opera — Friday, 6.2.06, 1:10 pm; (b) UIP screening room on rye Meyerbeer, where I saw La Rupture at 1:30 pm today — it has the most comfortably upholstered screening-room seats I’ve ever sat in, bar none; (c) Un object d’pasta in storefront window — Friday, 6.2.06, 3:40 pm; (d) Two turns of a streetcorner and about 150 yards from UIP screening room;(e) Lunch-hour crowd at Indiana; (f) Forget the “Lucky” and the “Number” — just Slevin will do.