Some kind of intense drama is happening with Toronto Film Festival screenings of Adria Petty‘s Paris, Not France, a documentary about Paris Hilton. Two out of three public screenings have been cancelled, and both press screenings have also been jettisoned.

The reason why is partly explained in this 8.29 Stephen Zeitchik/”Risky Business” story in the Hollywood Reporter. (Thanks to cjkennedy.)
The film has a festival website page that says three performances of Paris, Not France are (or were) scheduled — on Tuesday, 9.9, at the Ryerson at 6:00 pm, on Thursday, 9.11 at the same venue at 3 pm, and on Saturday, 9.13, at the AMC 2 at 5:45 pm.
But an updated slate of public screenings shows that only the Tuesday, 9.9 screening is now scheduled. And the updated press screening list has no Paris, Not France showings.
Persons who recently tried to order public tickets to the Hilton/Petty doc were sent an e-mail stating that “due to unforeseen circumstances, there will be only one screening of Paris, Not France [on] Tuesday, Sept. 9, 6pm, Ryerson.”
The e-mail went on to say that “an additional public screening of Lymelife will replace the second public screening of Paris, Not France [on] Thursday, Sept. 11, 3pm, Ryerson” and that “an additional public screening of Lovely, Still will replace the third public screening of Paris, Not France [on] Saturday, Sept. 13, 5:45pm, AMC 2.”
If Paris doesn’t want the film shown at TIFF for whatever reason, why hasn’t it been yanked altogether? Why stick with that one Ryerson showing on Tuesday, 9.9? I sense a lack of resolve.