Okay, no more Jerry Lewis jokes. Paul Schrader‘s Adam Resurrected, which just screened at the Telluride Fillm Festival, is in no way a problem film, a friend says, and Jeff Goldblum‘s lead performance is, he insists, an Oscar-level achievement. Seriously — that’s what he said.

Jeff Goldblum, Paul Schrader following this afternoon’s screening.

Scale that back a bit and at the very least Goldblum is looking lucky, skillful and back in the groove with God smiling down. If the buzz is real, people may be calling his work in Adam Resurrected his best performance since….Jurassic Park? The Big Chill? Igby Goes Down?

Telluride Film Festival panel discussion with Jeff Goldblum (far right, light blue shirt), David Fincher (black T-shirt) and others participating. It looks as if Annette Insdorf may have moderated.

A little rain began to pour this afternoon, and with it the temperature dropped down to cool. But those mountain aromas!