Israel Horovitz‘s My Old Lady (Cohen Media Group, 9.10) obviously costars Kevin Kline, Maggie Smith and Kristin Scott Thomas. This is one of those trailers that pretty much gives you the whole movie save for the last beat or two. It’s based on a Horovitz play that opened in 1996. Here’s a 2007 Denver Post review of a local production. Boilerplate: “Mathias (Kline), an all-but-destitute New Yorker, travels to Paris to sell a valuable left Bank apartment he’s inherited from his estranged father. Once there he discovers a refined old woman Mathilde (Smith) living in the apartment with her daughter Chloe (KST). Mathias quickly learns that he will not only not get possession of the apartment until Mathilde dies, but that he’s on the hook for monthly expenses of around $3K.” Terrific.