I’ve never had so much fun at a protest march in my life. Or maybe it’s been so long since I joined one of these events that I don’t fully recall how good it feels to be part of a throng of joyous howling humanists. But I got there late — 9:15 am — due to the bus from the Park City Marriott to downtown Park City taking almost 50 minutes, and so I only joined the march 15 or so minutes before it ended. Cold gusty winds, heavyish flurries, snowdrifts, slush, stalled traffic…love it!

There was a hilarious moment when everyone started waving and cheering when they noticed a video drone flying overhead, at which point Toronto Star critic Peter Howell, whom I was marching next to, remarked that the drone could have been Donald Trump‘s. Or Vladimir Putin‘s, I was thinking.

My favorite sighting was a young 30ish mom leaning over to explain to her toddler son what the march was all about, and the boy just gazing at all the bodies and taking in the energy and the spirit of it, his face full of wonder.

I tried to file and upload video in three different wifi hotspots in Park City, but they were all non-functioning due to too many thousands of others trying to do the same thing. I gave up and walked a mile or so to the Doubletree Hotel, which is warm with working wifi — if, that is, you know a password or a vacant room number. Otherwise you’re out of luck. The Yarrow Hotel (the previous owner/occupants) used to offer decent complimentary wifi, but the Doubletree people are corporate scumbags.