I say this all the time but this time I’m really serious. If anyone can score a copy of Noah Oppenheim‘s Jackie Kennedy script — the one reported to be a Darren Aronofsky-Rachel Weisz project by Entertainment Weekly‘s Nicole Sperling — and pass it along, I would be most grateful and would reciprocate in kind.

The plan is for Weisz to play the former First Lady and Aronofsky to direct-produce. The script is basically about the former Mrs. Kennedy’s experience from the day of JFK’s assassination in Dallas on 11.22.63 to his burial in Arlington Cemetery four days hence. It would obviously involve all kinds of CG blending of newly-shot material with newsreel and videotape footage of the actual events, etc.

I’m curious because this frankly doesn’t seem like Aronofsky-type material, to be honest.