Yesterday The Wrap/Deal Central‘s Jeff Sneider reported that Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell have attached themselves to Lunatic at Large, a “dark and surprising mystery” that Kubrick abandoned shortly after Spartacus.

The script was sent to me a few days ago, and while I’ve only skimmed through it I’m wondering how much of the interest is about what’s actually on the page vs. the intrigue/allure of shooting something that great Stanley K. might have made if he hadn’t transferred his energies to Lolita. Which indicates he may have had problems with Lunatic, no?

Stephen R. Clarke‘s script was “based on a treatment by noir pulp novelist Jim Thompson (The Killer Inside Me) who was commissioned by Kubrick in the late ’50s after working with the filmmaker on The Killing and Paths of Glory,” Sneider reports.