Morten Tyldum and Jon SpaihtsPassengers, which cost $110 million to produce, opened Wednesday with a lousy $4.1 million. Divide that figure by 3478 screens and you’ve got an average of $1181, which feels light.

TheWrap reported today that Passengers “grossed another $3.23 million on Thursday, having earned $7.3 million so far. [The film] is tracking for a $26 million three-day weekend and $39 million five-day gross.”

Passengers has a 32% Rotten Tomatoes rating and a “B” CinemaScore, and cost around $110 million to produce sans marketing costs.

Deadline‘s Anthony D’Allesandro: “In regards to Passengers, I’m told that should the movie gross $45 to $50 milllion in its first six days that should be fine, but anything under that would be tough sledding. At this point in time, there are several sources who aren’t impressed with the first day figure [of $4 million]. We really need to let the weekend play out through to see where Christmas takes us. It is a six day-weekend.”

Reactions to Passengers from the HE community? What are the views of the ethics of Chris Pratt waking up Jennifer Lawrence, etc.? “Wake me up, wee-yoo…”