Thanks to Variety‘s Jacob Bryant for highlighting 40 of the coming year’s “most anticipated” films. Roughly 70% of these appear to be the usual formulaic, corporate, CG-fortified, franchise-fantasy crap, of course, but that’s entertainment! Seriously, if you want a list of 2017 films with a better-than-reasonable chance of being actually watchable and perhaps even good, consider HE’s List of 65. And the list isn’t quite finished at this stage — the real tally is closer to 70.

Bryant, make no mistake, has done his part to promote and celebrate the corporate poisoning of the megaplex movie experience, not to mention the aesthetic taste buds of the American ape. Tonight or maybe sometime this weekend, Bryant is going to look at himself in the bathroom mirror and see…a beast. For a simulation, go to the 3:00 mark in this clip for “The Cheaters,” an episode of Thriller that ran in ’63 or thereabouts.