I’ve heard a couple of good things about ABC’s five-hour TV movie The Path to 9/11, which will air over two nights — Sunday, September 10 (8: to 11:00 pm, PT/ET) and Monday, September 11 (8 to 10 p.m., PT/ET). It’s about the lead-up to the 9/11 tragedy starting with the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The director is David L. Cunningham, the writer is Cyrus Nowrasteh, and the principal star is Harvey Keitel playing John O’Neill, the onetime FBI agent and WTC security consultant who was killed on 9/11.
I’m going to try and score a DVD screener, as it’ll be pretty damn difficult to give this film my full attention during the Toronto Film Festival, which starts on 9.7 and lasts until 9.17.
Cunningham’s film is obviously going to overlap over Paul Haggis’s Against All Enemies, a feature based on Richard Clarke‘s book of the same name. Haggis was going to direct a film with Sean Penn as Clarke and Vince Vaughn as John O’Neill, but I don’t know. I’m getting a funny back-of-the-neck feeling about this one. I think it may go south.