The following conversation about San Pellegrino sodas happened…oh, a couple of weeks ago at WeHo Pavillions. Myself and a short assistant manager. Around 9:30 or 10 pm. Our chat was measured at first, then it went downhill. Where do they find these guys? I knew much more about the San Pellegrino operation than he did. I’ve been to Eataly in New York. I’ve bought cans of the stuff in Venice and Tuscany and Rome. He knew nothing.

Hollywood Elsewhere: Hi. I’m a big fan of San Pellegrino sodas and I’m wondering why you guys carry every flavor except Clementine.
Assistant Manager: Uhm, okay. I’ll have to ask. I don’t do the ordering.
HE: Who does?
Assistant Manager: The office in Fresno. Clementine?
HE: Right. Clementina in Italian.
Assistant Manager: Are you sure it’s selling?
HE: What do you mean? Yes, it’s selling.
Assistant Manager: How do you know?
HE: I drank it last summer in Connecticut.
Assistant Manager: Maybe it’s not for sale here.
HE: Why wouldn’t it be? You stock every flavor in their catalogue. Cases and cases. You’ve got it totally covered except Clementine.
Assistant Manager: Do you buy it in Connecticut?
HE: A friend had a can in their refrigerator.
Assistant Manager: In what town?

HE: Uhm, Wilton.
Assistant Manager: Wilton?
HE: Look, the state should be immaterial. The soda is manufactured in Northern Italy. They export their product all over the world. And you’re carrying 90% of it.
Assistant Manager: Have you seen it for sale in Los Angeles?
HE: Come to think, yes. There’s a yogurt shop down the street that sells it.
Assistant Manager: Okay.
HE: So who do I ask?
Assistant Manager: Fresno. Management is in Fresno.
HE: There isn’t a senior manager here who might know something about this?

The Wiki page says that San Pellegrino released two new Sparkling Fruit Beverage flavors in May 2014 — Melograno e Arancia (Pomegranate and Orange) and Clementina (Clementine). They were announced through an installation at Eataly’s La Scuola Grande in New York.

San Pellegrino has a marketing manager, Susmita Vellanki, who handles international brands. Maybe I can reach her through Facebook or Linkedin.

Among the San Pellegrino flavors that are carried at WeHo Pavillions: Aranciata (orange), Limonata (lemonade), Sanbittèr (bitters), Pompelmo (grapefruit), Aranciata Rossa (blood orange) and Chinò (chinotto). I think there might also a pear flavor.