I’d like to find the courage to eliminate my monthly Time Warner cable service and just keep the wifi. Stand-alone streaming options for HBO and Showtime are either on the table or close to that. But I’m hesitating for some reason. Why? Habit, I guess. Despite my hating almost everything on basic cable. HBO and Showtime are the only premium pay cable stations I watch, and the only basic cable stations I visit are MSNBC, CNN and CSPAN. Movie-wise I stream from Vudu, Amazon, Hulu, Warner Archive and Netflix (via my Roku or Apple TV players) or I watch Blurays. Today TheWrap‘s Sharon Waxman quoted CBS President and CEO Les Moonves saying yesterday at “an investor conference” that “the days of the 500-channel universe are over…people are going to be slicing it and dicing it.” At the very least I’m going to demand a lowered monthly rate from Time Warner right away and then I’ll make a decision.