In a N.Y. Times profile published today, David Carr writes that with the sale of Deadline Hollywood Daily to, Nikki Finke “stands to make more than $5 million in the next eight years, and her deal could go as high as $10 million, according to one of the people involved in the deal who declined to be quoted citing the private nature of the negotiations.” So much for the $14 million sale figure reported by The Wrap on 6.23.

I love the following passage at the end of Carr’s piece, by the way: “If the deal works out, Ms. Finke’s probing phone calls will continue to panic the suits in Hollywood for some time to come. Without saying who it was, she gave a recent example of someone who ended up as a pelt on her wall. ‘I implored him to talk to me, and he did a little, but not enough,’ she explained. ‘He should have protected himself.'”

“If” the deal works out?