I’ve watched ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos cover the basics with Darren Wilson, the Ferguson cop who shot and killed Michael Brown last August. In self-defense, Wilson claims. Brown was a huge, raging “Hulk Hogan,” Wilson says. Brown would have taken him out, he believes, if he hadn’t stopped him. I didn’t spot any “tells” in Wilson’s answers but you tell me. He seems decent enough, hardly a fiend. The view of the protesters, I gather, is that he’s not decent enough, that he’s lying on some level, that he didn’t have to kill. All along I’ve bought into the suspicion that Brown fired wildly, unprofessionally, from panic. Now I’m thinking maybe not. I’m not supposed to entertain such thoughts, I realize. I also understand that the liquor store video is thought to be prejudicial on some level. Kidding. Here’s Piers Morgan’s response.

Wilson’s voice occasionally shifts into a brief squeaky falsetto. That can indicate stress. Here’s the whole interview, posted Wednesday morning, 11.26: