Sony chief Amy Pascal‘s non-verbal conveyances during yesterday’s chat with Tina Brown at the Women in the World conference in San Francisco — head rocking up and down, very little of the usual guardedness that corporate chiefs exude, an all-around PTSD vibe — aren’t just fascinating. They’re entirely winning. You can’t help but admire, feel respect, nod approvingly…Pascal has been through the internet meat grinder but isn’t hiding…right back in the hot seat…saying exactly what she thinks. You can obviously sense the stress but also the curious calm.

Best quote: “[Movie stars are] bottomless pits of need. You’ve never seen anything like it. They are so great. They’re this magical thing that no one else can be. They’re filled with the need to be loved…but that’s because they’re magical.”

Second best: “[Having her emails circulated by the hackers was] horrible, but it was also strangely freeing. Because all of a sudden, that was just what it was. There is nothing you can do. You can’t say anything. You can’t explain anything. It’s just there.”