“Feb. 5th isn’t going to decide anything for Obama or against, and tomorrow night isn’t the American Idol finale. Remember [that] the Democrats don’t play the ‘Winner Take All Game’ with delegates that the GOP does. I expect Obama to lose California, but lose close. At the end of the day though, he’s going to come away with a huge chunk of delegates from California. And Feb. 12th isn’t going to settle much either. In a way, look to April…Ohio, Pennslyania.
“Obama just got himself 170,000 new contributors after N.H. Those people aren’t going to be voting for Hillary. I’d bet that a majority of Edwards Supporters (particularly here in California) are going for Obama.
“Also, Florida was very interesting. 59% of the votes cast in Florida were done through early voting. Hillary creamed Obama among early voters. But among voters deciding late, among voters who decided at the polls the day of the primary, they split 50-50. (This is a concern in California as well as more and more people vote early).
“The bottom line is that Obama is in it to win it. This is no joke. The needle is moving in his direction.” — HE reader Malcolm Johnson.