Sooner or later, Pete Davidson is going to politely excuse himself from all the Kanye-vs.-Kim sturm und drang. He’s a groover and a soother, not a domestic family squabbler.

I’m sure Pete suspects fears suspects deep down that he might get drilled by a drive-by shooter. “Ye” is fucking crazy — we all know that so do the math. Some obsequious suck-up friend of Ye’s could handle the shooting the same way the Norman barons killed Thomas Becket after Henry II said, “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?” Henry didn’t say “kill the guy” — he just complained about him bitterly. That’s all it took.

Plus Pete is a spaceman now. It was confirmed today that the King of Staten Island star-cowriter will be onboard during the fourth Blue Origin flight, which will depart on Wednesday, 3.23. He may not disengage from Kim next week or next month, but he will sooner or later.

What are the odds, by the way, that Pete will experience a William Shatner-like cosmic revelation while staring down at our blue planet from the Blue Origin peniscraft?