Friendo #1: “I didn’t think I could root any harder than I already am for The Power of the Dog not to win [the Best Picture Oscar]. But now, if it loses, it will just be unimaginably sweet.”

Friendo #2: “I never thought it could win because people don’t actually like it that much. But I don’t really want to see CODA win either. Apple bought it for $20 million, and it made $1 million. There is just something really awful about that. Maybe King Richard will win.”

Friendo #1: “I’m not quite sure what you’re saying about CODA. Apple bought it for $25 million, and it made no money because it never played in theaters. Just like The Power of the Dog.

“The difference is that CODA is the better film. The Power of the Dog is well-made, but it’s thin and fatally woke. Sam Elliott, in his ham-handed way, was actually right about it. It’s an attack on masculinity. I wasn’t personally offended by it, but I think it’s didactic.”

Friendo #2: “It bothers me because Apple is the most powerful company in the world. The #1 most powerful, and they’re selling CODA as ‘the little movie that could.’ I like it. It’s fine but it bothers me that they’re going to buy an Oscar, if they wind up doing that. And what will ultimately mean is more subscribers for them! I just don’t want the Oscars to go that way. I don’t really want Netflix to win either, despite that I think they’re a good company and that the movies are good. I just don’t want the Oscars to give up on theatrical.

“I know I probably have to let it go — adapt or die but still. Apple in particular bothers me. Amazon is the same. It just feels hopeless.”

Friendo #1: “Oh, I don’t want to see the Oscars give up on theatrical either! But I don’t agree with you that ‘Apple is buying this Oscar.’ They’re laying out the money for an Oscar campaign, the same way that Netflix does, and the same way that Harvey set the template.

“But CODA is ‘the little movie that could’ because…people love it! You can’t buy that. That’s why it could win. And people, by and large, don’t like TPOTD.

“But yes. Bring back theatrical!! For adult films. That’s my crusade.”

Friendo #2: “I’m not on Team CODA! It is a TV movie at best. It is not a Best Picture of the year.”