Two days ago Ad Wizards’ Alex Blagg pointed to an obvious oral-sex allusion in the shape and marketing of Hannah Montana “concert candy,” which is not a put-on — it’s a real-deal product being sold with the presumed approval of the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana marketing team, including her dad Billy Ray Cyrus.

Look at the shape of the candy (which the packaging says is shaped like a guitar and mike) next to a photo of Cyrus holding a mike near her mouth — the lack of subtlety is breathtaking. I don’t have a daughter but speaking as a dad, I’m trying to imagine how I’d sign off on this kind of thing. What kind of an anything-for-a-buck whore do you have to be to look at a penis-candy proposal, smile at the marketing guys and say, “Looks good…where do I sign and what’s my cut on top of my daughter’s?”
Billy Ray Cyrus sure seems like a golden-calf worshipper to me. This is a right-wing, middle-American, conservative good-old-boy thing…no? I had a tough hardscrabble childhood so pay me the big bucks so I can build another McMansion or invest in another shopping mall, and…you know, what the hell, I’ll look the other way when you exploit my 16 year-old daughter as a sex object who winks at the analogy between candy-eating and cocksucking.
Can anyone imagine an educated left-wing dad in any industry or region agreeing to something like this? It’s appalling.